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Facebook Dating App Download Free – Download Facebook Dating App | Facebook Dating App Free

Facebook Dating App Download Free – Have you heard about Facebook dating app and you are still wondering what it is all about? This content will show you all you have to know about Facebook dating app then. Facebook dating app is a dating service built on Facebook platform.

As it stands now, a whole lot of Facebook users are already making use of this online dating service. Facebook ordinarily like we all know focuses on connecting friends, and well-wishers, promote brands and services, and so on. It goes further and focuses on connecting singles who desires meaningful relationships. Do you wish to get a meaningful relationship with a partner who has the same focus and mindset with you? You can get that easily from Facebook dating app.

Facebook Dating App Download

This content though focuses on teaching you how you can download the Facebook dating app free. Now I will enlighten you on what you need to know about it. Very many persons feel this dating service can be downloaded like all other dating apps, but this very one does not work that way. Facebook dating app is not a standalone app on its own, it is a feature on Facebook platform and it can be used and accessed on Facebook app. This means that this app can not be downloaded then. If You must use the dating service, you have to download the Facebook app itself.

Haven brought to your knowledge what this dating feature on Facebook is all about, now let me get on with educating on how you can make use of it. As explained earlier you will have to download the Facebook app. If You are single and you wish to have good new friends, share your amazing moments and even date, then you need the Facebook dating feature.

How To Download Facebook App

To download the Facebook app and start making us of the dating feature on the platform, see the steps you have to follow below:

  • Open Google Play Store or Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively
  • Using the search box on the store page, search for ”Facebook App”
  • From the search result that displays click on ”Facebook App”
  • Click ”Install” and wait for a while for the app to download and get instead to your smartphone.

As shown above, if the steps are followed appropriately, you will get the Facebook app downloaded on your smartphone.

Facebook Dating App

Now that you have the Facebook app, you are a little step away from using the Facebook dating feature. The Facebook dating feature is used to match singles and interact with them. Now how do you get to engage in all of these services? You will have to get a Facebook dating profile for yourself. The dating profile helps you to activate and start making meaningful use of this dating service. Right from your main Facebook account, you can go ahead to create this dating profile.

Accessing Facebook Dating App

If you have the Facebook app downloaded already, with your Facebook account, see how to create your own Facebook dating profile to access the dating platform below:

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone
  • Log in to your Facebook account then
  • Go over to your Facebook account profile section
  • At the top part, you will find a heart icon, then tap o the icon. You can as well go over to the menu part of the app and scroll down to click on ”Dating’’
  • Next, fill in your gender, your location, interest, and a photo of yourself.
  • Then confirm the process

The Facebook dating service for now is available for just some countries and more also this dating service also is safe and individuals that are age 18 and above can access it. On creating a dating profile for yourself, you will get to the dating platform and you can now go ahead and match with other singles. As long as the Facebook dating feature is available in your location for use, you will definitely be able to access it.

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