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Facebook Dating App Download – Facebook Dating Profile | Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating App Download – Do you need a platform where you can connect with a whole lot of people and even find a date? Facebook dating app is a very amazing platform where you can get that. A whole lot of people though seem confused about Facebook dating app and how to go further to download it. In this content, I will tell you about it and facts that you need to know.

Recently, Facebook is also working on connecting people who are single, therefore if you are single and you have the desire of building a real-time relationship, then you need the Facebook dating app as it will definitely be very helpful. Before now, Facebook users find dates using Facebook groups, but Facebook dating app seems very effective in doing that. Most Facebook users whom the Facebook Dating app isn’t available currently in their country still makes use of this approach of finding dates on Facebook groups.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating app though functions like any other dating app but the fact is that it has even more unique and amazing features. By accessing this Facebook dating app, you can be able to locate and connect with a lot of other single people out there. Do you know what happens then from there? You will have the opportunity to make new friends and even have a date. There is no way you will not find a single person who shares the same interest with you.

There are facts about this dating app that you should know about. The Facebook online dating service is not just an app on its own. In order to make use of this service, you must make sure that you have the main Facebook app and more also a Facebook account.

Have it in mind that for the fact it is called a dating app does not actually imply that it is an app on its own. It is actually a feature that comes with the main Facebook app just like other features. By making use of this unique feature, you will be able to find other people who are single and have interest in dating just like.

Facebook Dating App

From the points I shared earlier, Facebook dating app is a feature on the main Facebook app. This app can not be downloaded following the fact that it is not a standalone app. To make use of Facebook dating app and it features, you will need to download the main app as that is the only way you can access it.

See How To Download Facebook App

Follow the guidelines below in order to do so:

  • Go to Google Play Store and Apple App store for Android and iOS devices respectively
  • Use the search box and search for Facebook App
  • Once you search for the app, click on the app when it displays
  • Then click on “Install”.
  • The Facebook app will then download and install. After you are done with the process, you can then open the app, create your own account, and log in with your login details.

See How To Create Facebook Account

  • With the use of the Facebook app or a web version, go to the Facebook Sign up page
  • Click on the sign up button then
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and input all the details required of you
  • Click on the sign up button when you are done
  • Next is to verify your account with the confirmation code sent to you
  • You can now use Facebook after confirmation.

Facebook Dating Profile

Now that you have downloaded and created your own Facebook account and you are ready to get start making use of Facebook dating, Follow the guidelines below to set up your own Facebook dating profile in order to be able to use the Facebook dating service:

  • Open the Facebook app and login with your account details.
  • Enter your profile page
  • On the top of your profile section, there you will see a shape in the form of a heart icon, tap on the heart icon. Or you can also tap on the three horizontal Scroll through and further scroll through the option and select “Dating”
  • Fill in the required details such as your location, photo of yourself, your gender, and your interest.
  • Confirm the process and your dating account is ready for use.

It is really very easy to set up a dating profile also provided you have a Facebook account and you follow the right procedure.

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